Orientation route

Thanks to this orientation course, athletes, families, hikers and tourists will be able to explore the differents sites in an original way.
This sporting and fun activity, a treasure hunt, also has an educational character because it encourages respect for the environment.
By walking or running, you can search and find numbered wooden beacons hidden in strategic places if you use the specific orientation cards.

odd course – Parc de la gÂtine

In search of the odd beacons of the Gâtine.

  • Distance : 0,500 miles
  • Number of tag : 11
  • Difficulty : easy
star route – Parc de la gÂtine

At each beacon, I return to the starting point.

  • Distance : 1,243 miles
  • Number of tag : 12
  • Difficulty : easy
discovering blÉrÉ

A tourist orientation course that allows you
to visit the city and its heritage while having fun.

  • Distance : 2,8 miles
  • Number of tag : 15
  • Difficulty : average
loop course – Parc de la gÂtine

Looking for the beacons
in the imposed order of the course.

  • Distance :  0,621 miles
  • Number of tag : 15
  • Difficulty : average