Tourist route

You have chosen to accompany us on this visit to the remarkable sites of the city of Bléré.
Our 16 km’ circuit will allow you to discover or rediscover some architectural, historical or economic elements as well as natural areas. Each of these 24 stages has a story which we will tell you all along your visit.
We’ll first and preferably start the beginning of the visit on foot in the town center. The distances to cover between the stages will be indicated to you when they are a bit long. So you can choose either walking, cycling or even driving. The owners of some “private property” wouldn’t like to be disturbed. Please respect their privacy.
Good visit.

N.B. On this site, additional pieces of information will be offered to you at some stages.

1Charles Bidault square and the church of St Christophe 13The Aigremonts mill
2Le Belvedere 14La Coursicauderie
3The Foundry 15A vine lodge
4The Bellevue bank and the bridge over the Cher 16Le Grand-Logis
5Les Crespières 17Bois-Ramé
6The Cher and its needle dams 18The Monks’ house
7Chapel de Seigne 19Paul Racault space
8The cooperative and the demarcation line 20Trade and Cooperative Diary Industry
9The cemetery and its noteworthy tombs 21The lime kilns
10Bois-Pataud 22La Grisolette
11Fief Gentil and the Culoison mill 23The Chateau of Fontenay and the house called ‘du passeur’
12La Courtille wash house 24Les Grandes-Fontaines