The Aigremonts mill

⑬ The Aigremonts windmill
This windmill, an authentic ‘moulin cavier’, was bought by the town in 2003 and restored between 2004 and 2007.


To go to stage ⑭ → Back down rue de Loches (650 m) to a small roundabout, with on your left, the magnificent mansion house of la Coursicauderie.


The Aigremonts mill is an authentic cellar and post mill. This type of wind mill is so called because it is built over a cellar which was usually used for storage and flour dressing but also to keep wine when the miller owned vines. Built in 1848 by Jacques Bergeault, a rope maker in Bléré, it stopped working in 1877.
Doomed to fall into ruin, the Town of Bléré bought it in 2003 and restored it using traditional techniques between 2004 and 2007 thanks to volunteers. The tower or ‘massereau’ stands at 7.50 meters and supports the ‘hucherolle’ or cap, which pivots around a central shaft, the ‘post’, in order to keep the sails facing the wind.
A few meters away stand a vineyard shelter, and next to it a pressing shed. The shelter or ‘lubite’ was used to keep tools and the winemaker could also eat there.
Walking down towards the town centre, on your left is Spain lane : this former track going from Paris to Spain was used by merchants and pilgrims to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

What is the name of the vineyard shelter ?
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